The post yesterday was predicated on how well we did in accordance to goals set a year ago.  Not bad overall, though not perfect either.

2014 was a year that for me was somewhat “in the weeds”–I had a few posts covering off on how I didn’t seem to have time to post as much for a few reasons and overall felt a lot of the year zoomed by while my head was down grinding away at work and at home in other activities.  The “too busy” phenomena that seems to consume most working Americans is a cop out in my estimation.   It’s self driven.  We say we are too busy, but we are too busy because we choose to be that way.

HDTMuch of last year was spent doing recreational things, which by nature are enjoyable, yet my modus operandi lends itself toward intrinsic thought and philosophy.  I have a real need to do that consistently through thought, reading, writing and discourse with other people.  But I didn’t really make as much time for it last year, so I’m going to focus more on it this year.

At roughly 20 years old, Henry David Thoreau set off a spark in my life with the book Walden.   The book is an arduous journey initially, the first chapters are pragmatic and occasionally plodding.  Yet the book builds to a crescendo focused on living life to the fullest, living as you see fit and marching to the beat of your own drummer.  It’s empowering.  It’s courageous.  It’s how I’ve attempted to live my life since that point.

It was after that point that I realized education and learning in general are gifts–not a labor put upon you but something that truly adds value in your life.  I became voracious in my search to learn about different topics.  Classic literature, sociology, psychology, economics, business and more.  Knowledge is the most enlightening thing available, and it’s free to those willing to work for it.

That was almost 14 years ago.  I graduated from undergrad, got a job and poured most of that knowledge acquisition effort into Marketing and business.  Grad school was next. Afterward I took another role with a fantastic organization where I still reside today.  Time keeps going faster and faster, and last year more than any reminded you have to slow things down and think.  Writing helps me to do that a great deal and, though I do appreciate the people who read this, it’s mostly an exercise in managing my life so that it makes sense, day after day and year after year.

All this is a way explain what will be the goals of next year.  Without further ado, in order of importance:

1.  Become a (Good) Dad: This one really can’t be quantified for measurement, but can be assessed in hindsight.  There are many things to do for this, most of them small changes that are somewhat tough despite being small.  Get up earlier.  Keep the household in order at all times.  Eliminate swears from the vernacular.  The list is truly unending, but it has to be a priority.  Hopefully I’ll update the changes throughout the year as things to focus on.

2.  Read and Write More: I only read about 7 books last year.  That’s pretty low.  A few of them were longer books, but my consistency in reading was just too low.  Also the number of posts on this blog was probably an all time low by year.  Not sure if I broke 12 posts!  That’s atrocious.  Goals are going to be reading at least one book a month, and writing a post at least once a week–12 books and 52 posts for the year.

3.  Pay Off Student Loans: It has been a long time coming and may take until the end of the year, but eliminating the costs of loan payments will financially make us a lot more secure.  I won’t say how much has to be paid off, but there’s still a good amount.

4.  Fitness:  I’m at roughly 170LB right now and would like to get to anywhere from 160-165LB. I believe that’s my target weight.  This is always tough, as my time for exercise is likely to go downward, which means figuring out how to build it into the schedule before and after work.

The big push here though is diet.  Less pop (only diet now, but still not good), less pizza, less fatty foods, more fruits and veggies, smaller portions.  Fitness absolutely has to be built into your routine, it can’t be something you get around to.  It’s a disciplined aspect of your day to day activity.

That sums it up.  Best of luck to you and yours in 2015!  Happy New Years!  See you next year.