I’ve had a particularly long amount of time to consider the last year and am planning on a pretty extensive recap.  New Year’s Eve is tomorrow and there is a great deal to consider both in recapitulation and preparation for the next year–which I’ll go out on a limb and state will be the most impactful of my adult life.

But first…

First let’s review the objectives we had for last year and how we stacked up:

1.  Pay off XX,000 in Student Loans off. — Ultimately paid off slightly more than I’d set as a goal, so this one gets the green check mark.

2.  Save More Discretionary Income for Long Term Finances. — This one is a bit of a grey area.  My 401k is looking fairly solid at this point, but our liquid savings (i.e. checking/savings/cash equivalents) is not near as high as I’d like for a safety net.  However, when I consider the year and where funds ultimately went, there is not a very large deviation of where we could have saved outside of discretionary purchases like eating out, which we are far from terrible about.  Overall this is another green check mark.

3.  Lose another 5-8lb. and end 2014 in the 160-165lb. range. Fail.  Fail hard, baby.  OK, maybe it’s not as bad as I’m making it sound.  At the end however, I’m definitely not 165lb or under.  There are some silver linings though.  I did lose weight.  And I did get much more cardio in, along with somewhat inconsistent visits to the YMCA for weights.  This gets a temporary red x mark, but lets look closer.  Here’s a quick run down on my weight by month over the last two years:

Month Weight
January 2013 177
February 175
March 174
April 176
May 176
June 175
July 175
August 176
September 173
October 175
November 176
December 175
January 2014 172
February 171
March 170
April 170
May 168
June 168
July 170
August 170
September 167
October 168
November 168
December 167

The last December number was taken a few weeks back, since which I’ve eaten a considerable amount of festive cookies and hearty meals with family.  I’m probably closer to 170 right now, but will likely carve that off by the end of January.  I track weight monthly now, but need to get better at weighing in at the same time every month to avoid noise.  These numbers reflect good progress, but much slower than I’d originally envisioned at the start of 2013.  That’s OK.  Many things worth doing take time and this is no different.  I can’t help but feel good about being near the 165 mark I’d set.

Another thing to take into consideration is the building of muscle and loss of fat; it won’t always be reflected in pure numbers.  Still I think this is the best way to measure as body fat measurement is just not something I do on a consistent basis.

4.  Take a few trips with Teresa to places we haven’t been to before. Green check mark. We took a trip to Banff, up in Canada — which was fantastic.  We also took camping trip to a new state park, which we really enjoy.

All said and done, it was a pretty good year in terms of goals. One thing I’d like to do more of, which I practice at work as well, is to quantify the metrics for growth.  It’s really easy to say, I’d like to read more or right more, but it’s a lot more concrete if you want to read a book a month or write 1,000 words every week.  So I’ll try to quantify the 2015 goals this year.