Today is Christmas morn, a day that brings with it unity among the masses. Despite not being religious, there is still something very good about Christmas. People are kind and appreciative of what they have and often give back to those not as well off.

I personally am thankful today, for near innumerable blessings in my life. Family and friends are the most obvious, but there are a great deal of other things too. I smile thinking about all those people spending their time together today. Today marks the 6th day of vacation, which has mostly been spent reflecting on where we are as a family and what we need to do in order to be ready for the new year.

Yesterday Jasper got a grooming.  He looks completely different!  Still cute, but no curls and rollerskate skinny.  Stella on the other hand freaked out when they tried to give her a cut, so we had to take her home and attempt it here.  She looks terrible compared to her younger brother.  She is just so finicky that she won’t have any work done.  We ended up shaving her near bald–in the future we will probably have to sedate her to get a proper grooming.  Both pups are sporting winter sweaters to subvert the loss of insulation from their cut coats.

After lunch, we’ll be heading up to Lake Ida to visit my parents. They already got their present, a package of smoked fish from Morey’s Market in Motley.  As a child, we would go up to Duluth for vacations and on the way back stop there to pick up smoked fish.  It was always delicious and a treat for us, so this year I had them sent a package.  Evidently they’ve enjoyed it thus far.  While at the lake we may get some fishing in as well, hope the crappies are biting.  Dad quit smoking a month and a half ago, hope he’s still holding up.

Post Lake Ida, we’re heading up to Cloquet, MN to visit Teresa’s family.   The drive takes about 3 hours, so we’ll try to head out early.  Cloquet is always fun, Teresa’s family is larger and with so many kids running around there is always some action happening.  There are seven kids amongst two families, next year Tempo will be added to the mix, so it keeps on keeping on.  Nathan, the youngest Blasyck brother is actually in China this year so we’re hoping ot Skype him in for opening presents.  I got him a videogame–hopefully it’s through customs at this point.

Then it’s back here to Bloomington.  We’re having a new clothes washer delivered as ours finally bit the dust this last week.  Ahh the joys of home ownership.  It will be nice not to worry about it any more, but my parents were right about how difficult it is getting on, there’s always something popping up.  Nothing to complain too much about though!  Lots of reasons to be thankful, clean clothes being one too.

I’ve got a lot of writing to do when we’re back.  I’d like to recap the year in music, the year in terms of goals and accomplishments–and then start looking forward for what must be done next year.  It will be a transition year as we learn about being parents and how to juggle jobs and a newborn.  It will be fun!

This is the first year we have Tempo in our lives.  Merry Xmas Tempo, we’ll pick a better name for you shortly.  Merry Christmas to everyone else who may be reading this now.

–Robert & Teresa