The other night, I had a lucid dream, which is essentially a dream where you are aware of the fact that what is happening is just a dream.

This alone is somewhat odd, as I seldom remember dreams much less realize during the happening that my mind is conjuring up the scene.  It has happened before, but writing down what actually happens immediately is necessary to recall it.  Dreams are fleeting.  It’s as if they happen in an area of the brain where memory is not at full strength.

Anyhow, something very interesting happened in this particular dream.  To be quite honest, I don’t remember all that happened, but it was a suspenseful dream where someone was chasing another person inside a house, and there was danger.  My view of the situation was that of someone watching a person walking through a house as they chased another person, likely to do them harm.  Yet during the chase, a twist happened where another person helped the person being chased by jumping out from a hiding spot in the house to thwart the chasing person’s plan.

In all truth, I don’t know why it was happening or what it means, but the fact that your brain can create stories and surprise you alone is of significance.  Due to this being a lucid dream, the idea that my mind could plot out a story line that would still surprise me in the dream was VERY interesting–it means essentially that your mind can develop story lines and ideas without conscious consideration.

That may not seem all that interesting at first look, after all, we have dreams all the time where we are scared or elated or sad.  And something causes those emotions.  Yet this was very different in that it was a cohesive story with a surprise that was simply outside of my ability to comprehend until it happened.

If it’s possible for your mind to create stories and ideas while sleeping, it’s quite possible that whatever part of us that comes up with ideas by combining existing thoughts and happenings we’ve been witness to is as strong while sleeping, or more so, than when awake.  In fact, I think many would agree the ability of the mind to make ideas captivating is far more intense while asleep than awake due to the lack of a restraining physical reality.  Everything is fair game.

I’ll attempt to write more about dreams in the future–they are fascinating parts of our lives and worth further examination.