DuneI began reading Dune while in Belize.  It is an epic tale of a prescient son who would become leader of a foreign sand planet, Arrakis (or Dune, to outsiders.)

The characters and ideas presented in this book are very unique.  It covers off on the interesting side of interplanetary economics, biology and science.  It adds in a great deal of action and cultural inference that other science fiction books don’t necessarily cover off on too.  There’s a lot to like with this book.

It is, however, not an easy read.  It is lengthy and if you aren’t engaged by this kind of content (it was newer to me) it would be difficult to get through all of it.  I read the first half of the book quite quickly and then slowed a great deal on the latter half.

There are many other books in the series, of which at some point I’ll likely partake.  At this point however, I’m back into reading Thoreau’s Walden, and at what a fantastic time!  Spring is upon us, despite today’s poor weather, and there is nothing so blooming eternal as Spring.

I would recommend Dune to others who enjoy science fiction, and especially intergalactic tales, but it should be taken on with the knowledge that it is deep in scope…and reward.