In the last six months or so, it’s struck me how few new ideas or thought patterns have been developing in my head.  I’ve got it narrowed down to a few reasons:

1.  Work.  Being busy and having a lot to do are a constant, but there is more to this.  There is a ceiling on thought processes when you are employed, and although I can’t fully comprehend that, partly due to being employed (thankfully of course), it is important.  I’ll expound on this below.
This, to a certain extent, is groupthink.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just is.  But it exists.  And it is a good reason to have misalignment between people and institutions, when possible.
This, to a certain extent, is groupthink.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just is.  But it exists.  And it is a good reason to have misalignment between people and institutions, when possible.

2.  Winter.  Winter sucks after two months or so.  It keeps you inside.  When I’m outside in fresh air with the sun warming me, it feels free.  It promotes imagination and free thought.  Right now it is dreary and cold.  Being inside consistently breeds routine, which I’m normally not critical of, but some routines need breaking — and my work/videogame/exercise/sleep repeat routine is getting a bit stagnant.  Time to break out!  Maybe this weekend.

3.  Redundancy.  Mentally, you need challenges to think critically and outside of the normal guardrails.  These kinds of challenges come mostly from other people in the form of verbal or written communication in most instances.  That’s why reading philosophers is such a great thing to do.  It challenges you mentally to understand the constructs and process them, which opens to lanes of thought outside your own.  Perhaps you are smart enough to develop unknown constructs yourself.

In a follow up to how slow the trickle has been, here is an unfinished thought process that have been rattling around in my brain, but I’ve lacked the wherewithal to finalize.  This is all very unfiltered and probably not great stuff, but I’d rather publish it now and reread it when some cogent thought process does take hold again.

Free Thought

Being free to think and express creativity means a great deal.  Especially to those who need that freedom in order to perform at peak levels.  Often times, those people who are unable to freely assess situations are not cognizant of the restrictions that are already constraining their thoughts.  Every time, in fact.  Even now, in writing this, my patterns of thought and ability to express myself honestly is hindered due to any number of things I cannot fully comprehend currently.

These invisible constraints are there, out of sight and mind to my person, but perhaps not to others who have transcended them philosophically or morally, or experientially.  The blind spots are not necessarily fewer and fewer while scaling a pyramid, but lesser and more while travelling a valley.  Perspectives become skewed in different areas and clarity of one direction may alleviate after walking some distance, only to find new obstructions providing shade.  At times that shade is comforting, while at others it may chill you to the bone and cause you to run for the warmth of light.

Yet we are cognizant of some of the hindrances to free thought.  Our choices of where we live, what we do, who we associate with, how we work and what we do are artificial constraints on thought in some form or facet.  The need to continually maintain these decisions in terms of time will ultimately result in less freedom of thought.

Humans are naturally biased to appreciate their associations.  Many of these associations provide them with their livelihoods or relationships and as such are to an extent all encompassing of their very consciousness and being.  But there is a rub.  Our thoughts will constantly be dictated by the ramifications on those around us, and the reflective ramifications on our persons.