For a few years, I’ve been mentally considering the idea of teaching in 15 or 20 years.  This is a long term idea that has really stuck with me for whatever reason; here are the main reasons why:

1.  I had a handful of good Marketing and business teachers, the ones that were truly great changed how I thought about work and made it much more interesting and fun.

2.  I had many teachers who really didn’t offer a lot of value to students and seemed to be “just getting by” with it as a job.  Teaching is a calling and is one of the highest potential value add jobs in the world.  It scales pretty well in the short term and immensely in the long term.

3.  Theory and philosophy are extremely interesting to me and building out my thought processes on marketing and business sounds like a very real challenge, one that I’d enjoy and could take years and years to formally build out.

4.  I think I have a very good understanding of the subject matter and the potential to enrich a lot of students’ understanding.

5.  Teaching is a big challenge in and of itself, it’s a new skill set and something I haven’t done formally very often in the past.  Becoming an accomplished teacher is a compelling task.

I’ve had some small forays into teaching already.  It’s a lot of fun, but a huge challenge.  Later this year I’ll be stepping in to help teach a Buyer Behavior course at the University of Minnesota (my alma mater) and am looking forward to it immensely.

What I do not understand are the requisite needs to actually become a teacher.  What types of certifications, licensing, classes and other needs that are expected to be covered in order to actually do it as a full time profession.  Hopefully I can get some answers to that in the next few decades.  :-)