It is well past time for me to write a little about our trip.  We are currently on day five, in a very nice town called Hopkins.  There are roughly 1,000 people living here and most everyone seems very happy and friendly.

Belize is a cultural melting pot unlike any I’ve seen.  There are many cultures represented and in no other place has it been so visually obvious, which is a good thing IMO.

We left Minnesota on the 26th of December after a nice holiday celebration with my brother in law, who dropped us off at the airport.  It was -1 degrees when we were leaving and it has been in the 80’s most days here.  The weather hasn’t completely cooperated however, many days were overcast.

That is actually not a terrible thing seeing as the first part of our trip was oriented around hiking visiting Mayan ruins.  We stayed at a very nice little inn called Rainforest Inn, which for it’s price was a spectacular deal.  It was not a five star hotel by any means, but it was centrally located in down town San Ignacio and allowed us to book excursions quickly.

Teresa and I first hiked to Cahal Pech and walked the ruins.  Unlike many other historical sites, climbing the stone buildings is allowed here, so we got quite a workout.  We also planned to hike to Xunantunich but the river is too high and as such the ferry across has been shut down until the new year.

Instead we ventured to a cave tubing outpost, which was a lot of fun.  The caves themselves are quite long and it takes 10-15 minutes to float through them.  We also went spelunking while there, climbing army style through a very small opening to see cave formations.  It was quite remarkable in person, though I don’t know that it’s something I’d want to do often.

On our second to last day in San Ignacio we went to another site which was a bit larger than the first and required a 4×4 to traverse the terrain.  We were stuck multiple times in the road as it was a red claying sludge that was difficult to navigate, however our driver was very experienced and managed to dislodge us with four wheel drive each time.  It was far and away the worst road conditions I’ve been privy too, which made it more stressful, and fun!

Yesterday we began the bus ride to Hopkins and during the mid point decided to take a taxi which would cost us $30 American more than the bus/taxi route we’d planned, but saved us a few hours.  We are considering it again for our trip in two days.

Hopkins is truly peaceful and serene.  The beach is fine sand and due to the lack of tide has palm trees as close as ten feet from shore.  It’s one of the nicer beaches I’ve stayed at and it truly feels like vacation at this point.

Tonight we will be going to see local drummers at a bar about a mile away.  We ate there for lunch today and their pizza recipe is very good, it’s called the Driftwood Café and is worth stopping by if you find yourself here.  After the drumming set we’ll likely go out to celebrate the introduction to 2014!

I need to put together some thoughts on 2013, including goals and achievements, but that will have to be tomorrow as it’s time to get into the sea.  Happy New Years!