Oh those forgotten things.

Forgotten and remembered today.

While up at the lake for Thanksgiving I forgot the McCarthy trilogy I’d been reading in Alexandria, Minnesota with about 50 pages left.  So that’s on hold.  I also forgot my extremely warm winter vest in Cloquet, Minnesota.

In the mean time I’ve started rereading a classic rendition of Walden, illustrated with natural photos from the very area Thoreau lived in for 26 months.  I’m currently just in the thick of the first chapter on Economy (which is the slowest chapter and a hindrance for most people who would have otherwise read through the entirety of the book but give up after getting into his house building calculations.)  It’s a joy throughout.  Thoreau’s perspectives are always clear and well put.  Literally every page has thoughts worth contemplating for days.

Meanwhile, winter has set in here in Bloomington, Minnesota.  Our first real snow and shoveling duty reared yesterday, while the first real cold spell begins tonight.  Time will tell if we get a short, kind winter like two years ago, or long precipitation laden six months of three and one years past?  I wouldn’t bet on the former given my time and fortunes here.

Given the current situation, time to warm up and read.