Sometime in the last few months, a change has happened.

I have an iMac downstairs in my house with an office chair.  In the past few years this has been the area where I went for home computing.  My needs for computing are pretty sparse, browsing the internet and using some social networking, blogging and a little bit of gaming.  Sampling and purchasing music.  Some work email for a half hour to an hour a night.  It’s limited.

The last few months, I’ve spent much less time coming downstairs and writing or going to sites.  Instead I keep up on Twitter on my phone, as well as my email.  Occasionally I’ll want to keep up on sports related things, which usually needs a web browser on a PC, but beyond that most everything is done at work or on my (dated) phone.

I really am not sure why this has happened so rapidly.  I’ve had a smartphone for a long period of time, but used it for being on the go and at home used my Mac.  It seems as though having the computer downstairs where it’s less accessible.  In my prior residence it was close to the kitchen, so making food went hand and hand with playing music and browsing the internet in the mean time.  But moving out of that area has quickly shown that it was a luxury, not necessity.

It will be interesting to see if this dissipates as the winter comes and there are fewer things to do outside, as is normal in MN.