I’ve been reading Cormack McCarthy lately, and he’s a truly impressive writer.  And he’s writing about Texas/New Mexico after the turn of the 20th century.  It’s positively engrossing.

In addition to that, I picked up a video game called Red Dead Redemption, which is centered around the old West.  So it’s wild, wild west here as of now.

My father always enjoyed watching Western movies.  Some spaghetti, others just old fashioned.  I think he also enjoyed the Lone Ranger and some other shows of that nature growing up.

For whatever reason, Westerns really appeal to me too.  I don’t know if it’s a paternal thing, but they are great movies for lazy Sundays and whenever one happens to be on I tend to stop.  Something there is about the old West, with open land and small towns, gunslingers and gambling, railroads, telegraphs and very few rules.

It’s essentially the opposite of Minnesota in the winter, but it’ll be a lot of fun.  I’ll review the McCarthy books when finished (it’s a trilogy) but I can tell you now that it will not be the last of his writing that finds a home on my shelves.  He is amazing.