I just realized why time is so crucial to writing, which is sad given how obvious this is.

When you initially write something, the writing is usually full of emotion…from something.

It may be emotion of remembrance or the elation of “discovering” an idea.  Discovering something in your own mind is after all as invigorating as anything in life.  It’s a whole new world of thought.

But when your time is limited, writing is SO hard.

The reason is simple.  Good writing, like life, needs time for perspective.  Time to marinate and consider.  It is altogether too easy to simply put something out and expect that it is of value.  Ultimately most of us write things that make sense in the moment but upon further consideration are of little merit, or likely to need refinement to present coherent thought.

Time is desperately needed to pull it together.

Not only the thoughts themselves, but placement and cadence necessary to convey purpose and need.

Great columnists have this practiced.  They already understand how they “sound” and putting it out consistently is easy.  Whereas most writers are choppy and unintelligible, must like this writing is, all things considered.

Because it was blurted, not edited.  And that is inherently interesting.