belize-country-map-1024It took us quite a bit of time to decide, but we’ll be headed down to Belize in December for about ten days.

We had discussed at great length going to Peru, but ultimately decided against it due to prices of flights going up, the timeliness of travel (getting there in the middle of the night wasn’t appealing) and expense of inter country travel.  At some point, we will make it there to see Machu Pichu, but this simply wasn’t the year.

So the current plan is to stay inland for a few days and island hop the rest of the time.

We are behind this year, we need to make reservations right quick, but I’ve been tied up trying to finalize the fence these last few weeks.

Once we get an itinerary, maybe I’ll post that.  I do plan to blog on the vacation, though it will likely be a mass upload of posts much like New Zealand.