LakeWobegonDaysIt’d been a while since starting to read children’s books, so it was time to switch it up and read something out of the ordinary.  Being from central Minnesota and having heard so much about Garrison Keillor due to working in St. Paul, it was time to see what all the hype was about.

First seeing the book in my grandmothers apartment some years ago, Lake Wobegon has a special interest around Minnesota and likely surrounding states.  It is a fictional place constructed from the remnants of our early childhood, small town lives.  It’s an homage to a simpler time, when doors were left unlocked and no news was nothing new.  The truth of the matter is much of rural Minnesota is still very much a slow moving, slimly populated and we like it that way.  Dreaming of that small town life will normally leave me listless, until I go back that is.

The truth is that small town life is good overall, but there are many more things to experience in larger cities.  I have no doubt at some point I will tire of living in the more populated areas, but not now.

Regardless, Lake Wobegon Days is an amusing look at the former times…though it’s plodding nature made it difficult to finish.  Much like the Minnesota seasons, getting through winter was difficult as the chapters are broken down in terms of inception of the town and eventually the ongoing climate.

It’s obvious why people enjoy reading this book, but if you aren’t from the Midwest or don’t particularly like to stroll down memory lane, I’d pass.