I haven’t written a lot lately, and part of that is due to the idea of writing more in depth and “professional” posts.  Of course, that’s antithetical in nature to why this site was built and what it’s supposed to be for.  This is not a professional site and it’s not supposed to be, so not sure when I got the idea that the posts had to be anything more than iterate musings.

So here are a few quick updates.

In March a good group of college friends and I went to Vegas to have fun and celebrate the end of bachelordom for one sad sap.  We had such a good time that we wanted to get together again.  Today we are taking a brewery tour of MPLS and St. Paul — starting at Fulton Brewery, going to Harriet Brewery and Flat Earth as well.  Today should be a good time, though I’m guessing tomorrow won’t be as good.

I’ve made some progress on the fence that we are building for the dogs.  My bud Seguin is very good at making fences and has lent me a hand.  We have about half the posts cemented in now and will finish tomorrow with that aspect of the project.  After that the pickets and gates need to be built.

We are currently planning a trip to Peru over the Xmas/New Years break.  We had thought about doing a tropical vacation but instead want to try and get the more adventurous trips in, while we can!  I’ve built out a preliminary itinerary, which I’ll share in a few days.

Lots of other things going on, but have to run to drink beer and catch up with friends.