The last month has flown by.  Buying a house entails a lot of work and alterations, with no end in sight.

Generally speaking, my days look something like this:  Wake up around 5am, do exercises, take Stella outside, eat greek yogurt, go online to see NBA scores and pay bills or take care of emails, go to work, work a lot, maybe get to the gym over lunch, work more, don’t get enough done, take work home, walk Stella, watch NBA game until roughly 9pm, read two chapters of a book and go to sleep.

That’s roughly it.  On the weekends we’ve been trying to get the house in order.  We just had the roof replaced last week.  I’ve been setting up all our utility accounts and organizing all the leftover minutia from the move.  We bought a lawn mower, did yard work and Teresa tilled the garden.  We have to plan out getting a fence in the next few weeks as we want to just let the pup run outside without supervision.  There’s also another dog on the way!

Bloomington seems like a pretty nice place to live all said, we’ve meet quite a few neighbors and there are a lot of areas to explore, so far so good.

This weekend is the National Restaurant Show, which means I’m working through it.  The show is actually pretty fun, but it’s tough to leave when there is still so much to do around here, and frankly I could use a rest!  Still, it’s been a lot of fun the last few weeks, just not much time to write about it.