In all my work as a marketing professional, hindsight always shows the errors.  The goofs, blunders and odd thinking that led to a piece of collateral, communication, meeting or pitch gone wrong.  And they will continue to be.

What causes all these follies?

What causes otherwise rational folks to make what in retrospect seem like such implausible blemishes?

It’s actually pretty simple.  It’s the environment you work in.

Human error is a constant.  It cannot be avoided and shouldn’t be derided as anything more than imperfection.  People make mistakes, and that’s just part of the deal of being a human being.

Yet the environment you work in can either help or hinder that inevitable situation.  Those that work too fast and expect things to be perfect will normally end up with more errors.  Those with too many people having a say in the final design/finish of a project will usually end up trying to do too much and end up a muddled mess.  Those that embrace management opinion regardless of the situation will suffer a tragic fate of predictability and risk aversion.  Those that dissuade collaboration across functions will suffer from disconnection.

Environments with accountability expected will see people taking charge of their own projects.  Those with recognition will see natural reinforcement of positive outcomes.  Those with strong leadership will achieve their objectives.  Most organizations don’t have the best talent, they have an amalgam of talent levels and the best leadership will construct it in such a way to prosper.

All that doesn’t mean that people don’t have to be accountable for their choices and work.  But the environment is what causes errors to be corrected prior to being an error, or magnifies them after the fact.