As of late I’ve been opting to have walking meetings to catch up with folks. I work in St. Paul with quick access to the skyway, walking outside in winter isn’t really that enjoyable, honestly, so doing a loop or two in doors is the norm.

I have to say that the walking meeting seems much better overall than sitting and chatting over coffee. There are a few reasons, that I can put my finger on anyway. First off, exercise naturally stimulates your mind, I find myself more curious with more questions when moving and thinking simultaneously. It seems as thought there’s a natural progression of conversation while moving too. That conversation is mostly centered around some mix of personal life and business results, but there’s a natural cadence to it while walking.

Ideas seem to come more naturally. I have NO clue why this is, but it seems like new thoughts come faster and others are also quick to adopt or point out issues with them. The ability to bring up an idea and let it go seem easier, after all there’s no reason to cling to something that happened way back there.

And of course, there is exercise.  Most of my colleagues are similar to me in that they want to stay in shape but the nature of an office job makes getting exercise more difficult.  The walking meeting, though not vigorous, is a nice switch from sitting and endlessly working on a computer.

All of these things add up to a superior brief meeting for catching up or discussing an idea.  There are many other instances where having a deck and an agenda and a conference room will be more valuable for achieving the desired ends.  But not all.