Today, President Barack Obama won back his presidency.  I voted for Barack.  There are certainly areas he could have done a better job in his first four years, but to me it seems obvious that the ability to accomplish tasks politically was and is much more difficult due to a hostile Republican party.  It seems that will be his albatross and something he’ll have to figure out in the second term.  The divisions between the parties is disgusting on many levels, but when a party deliberately blocks legislation (they may even agree with!) to undermine a current leader, that’s borderline criminal activity in my mind.  And that’s what I saw from the Republican’s the last four years.

These people, all politicians, have well paying jobs and are taken care of by the taxes of normal Americans.  They are there to further our interests and pass legislation to that end.  If they are treating their jobs as a subterfuge in aspiring to political power, the system is broken.  I hope we are not that far as of yet.

I do not care for politics, in the general elections or the office.  But it’s a political world we live in.   There are rules and ultimately the rules are set by the populace in both groups.  It’s our duty to see that the people elected are fighting for us and not their own aspirations.  That’s seemingly uneasy in this day and age, but it’s nonetheless a pillar of our nation state.

As I’ve grown older, elections have come to signify much more.  When younger, voting wasn’t something that particularly drew me.  It didn’t seem as though it would make a difference.  As of this writing it seems that 110M or so people voted.   Not all of our citizens can vote, but we have 315 million people in the US, meaning that only a fraction of people who can vote did.  Imagine if everyone voted.  Wouldn’t that give us a better understanding of what the people are looking for?  Is there any reason NOT to vote?  In my younger years, it was less important.  Today I see how it affects the overall economy, ability to preserve my livelihood, provide for my family and the overall quality of life for those living in the US.

Other issues are also included on the ballot.  Here in Minnesota, we had to amendments proposed.  One on banning gay marriage and another on requiring voters to have an ID to vote.  Thankfully, both amendments did not pass.  These things are important to my friends, gay and not, and if I hadn’t voted, it would be a 2x win for the proponents of those alterations.  Your vote matters.  Elections matter.  It’s one of the best parts of living in the United States and you should take advantage of being in this democracy.

Today I’m feeling very good about where the US is going.  It has been a long four years since the onset of the Great Recession.  I recall riding the bus into school and thinking about all the jobs that were being cut by companies and the general fear of everyone at the time.  Things have improved a great deal and I truly believe we’re on the upswing, but there is a long way to go.  Obama is the right person for the job, he will do what’s necessary to keep us moving in the right direction.  Here’s hoping that in four years we are far better off than we are today.