I watched a few Youtube clips last night and they hit on some themes that I’ve touched on previously here. If you have the time, watch them:

What the speaker is discussing is the ongoing way we live our lives and contemplate them, day in and day out. David Foster Wallace wrote this and delivered it as a commencement address. I will be picking up his book, Infinite Jest, very soon. His intellect revealed here is very intriguing. I often find myself analyzing life.

How we live our lives is very compelling to me. What we do, and why, are interesting in their own right. As we continue on our paths, we have a choice about what we will think and where we will place effort. Our consciousness separates us from other species. So what we do with that consciousness is imperative. It is quite easy to forget why you do the things you do in the course of day to day life as an adult. This speech wonderfully encapsulates that issue and why being cognitive of what you are doing and why is so important.

The conscious mind is a gift, you choose.