Politics are always a tough subject to broach with people.  We are very divisive on the liberal/conservative spectrum and have a tendency to demonize whatever side of the fence we happen to not be on.

During an election year, especially the months leading up to November, it becomes increasingly difficult.  It’s on everyone’s mind due to the fact that there is nonstop media coverage of every minute detail of the race.  I don’t really watch much television but know a lot about the talking poings and what’s happening on any given day.  I don’t watch any of the major news networks, but the truth is that the internet is picking up most of the same stories as quickly as the networks (Twitter and Reddit….I assume Facebook is similar?)

Working for a large corporation, I tend to *attempt* to leave these things alone in the workplace, but they do come up.  I never thought much about politics growing up, other than that I really disliked George W. Bush (for multiple reasons but mostly his obvious inability to represent the country in a professional manner) and actually liked Clinton despite his infidelity.  Basically his ability to do the job outweighed some of his poor decisions.  And yes, I do like Obama overall, though I think he and his campaigners are better at marketing than their opposition.  McCain would have been a fine president, in my opinion, though.  His VP on the other hand, that scared the heck out of me with him being 68 at that time.

Before that, I really didn’t know much about Bush I and Reagan.  I was too young.

But today political discourse is a real mess.  It’s difficult to address in almost any facet.  It’s hard to maintain a position of relative civility as people have that aforementioned divisive attitude.  A two party system is ultimately too limiting and the American public overall need to stop holding party lines.   Granted, it’s not a two party system overall, there are independents, but by any real measure we have little opportunity to elect someone outside the traditional parties.  And the ideals are not mutually exclusive, though we treat them as such.

So when people bring it up with me now, I state my views, but keep my cards close to my chest otherwise.  I don’t get too emotional about how that prerogative as  it’s unlikely to change others’ prerogative.  I am willing to listen to other points of views, and willing to alter my own if clear points and information sway my thoughts on a topic, but it doesn’t happen often now.  Like many people, I can research on my own and the internet makes that all the easier.

What politics have turned into in America isn’t something that we as citizens should be proud of.  Marketing has had a negative effect on it due to the parameters of getting elected.