Since basketball has ended and my beloved Timberwolves retired to their dens to lick reopened wounds, I’ve been mulling about the apartment with less to do.  It struck me the other day that my habits have changed a great deal.

My youthful pursuits included wakeboarding and tubing, basketball, videogames, ladies, kicking it with friends, frisbee golf (colloquially “folf”), punk and hip hop music, hackysack, school and working at multiple jobs over the course of high school (lawn mowing until 15, McDonald’s until 16, Officemax until 17, local gas station until graduation.)

My undergrad collegiate pursuits showed slow alterations; kicking it with friends over beers (in dorms and apartments and then bars), the American Marketing Association duties, basketball, videogames, hip hop and punk music to a lesser extent, school and working at a group home, which was one of the most positive experiences of my life.

Directly after undergrad, things changed pretty drastically.  At that point, real knowledge work became the norm, so adjusting to a normal 8-5 schedule drove a lot of things.  I’d also moved to Minneapolis, where very few friends had actually moved to yet, though that would alter dramatically in ensuing years.  My main interests were work, learning more about Marketing (I was reading voraciously in hopes of applying it to my job; most of my understanding and views on marketing were forged in this three year period) meeting new people in the area and dating, reading classic literature, Bob Dylan was and still is a small obsession, indie music and Sinatra, working out at the gym and spending time outside by the lakes.

During grad school, most of my time was eaten up.  Seriously, Carlson’s expectations are very high and your time is limited.  So my time was spent mostly on class homework and group work, networking and looking for a full time position after graduating, consulting or MILI enterprise work, my part time job as a marketer for the office for Business and Community Economic Development, an internship with Boston Scientific, eventually meeting and dating Teresa, and whatever small amounts of time left over trying to fit together some semblance of a social life.

The only thing that stays the same is change.  Now a days, my life is spent on working for a Fortune 500 company, learning about business and trends, teaching my new dog Stella how to act, trying to spend time with Teresa (married a few weeks ago), indie music, hanging out with friends when possible, going to “life” events such as weddings and things of that nature, trying to learn Spanish again, working out and trying to be outside, reading and writing on the blog, watching basketball and some other sports and thinking about getting a house.

You’ll notice that now my life and interests are much more streamlined.  A lot of the time I had as a young person are already dedicated to things like work and family, which is a good thing.  But in my off time now I’m trying to figure out what I should be spending time doing.  It’s as if my interests have narrowed and when I do get free time, I’ve forgotten what used to occupy my time.  It’s an odd feeling.  I can’t help but think if it will continue or if my interests will deviate toward new hobbies.

No time to think about that now, time to go to work!  :-)