Are you the infinitely curious type wanting to understand more about what’s happening in the world and what it means on a real time basis? No? TOO BAD! This one’s not for you.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at statistics about the US like at It was a primary tool we used in undergraduate to look up information in Marketing Research classes and sparked this insight into a whole new world of information.  Census data for the US and other countries, like other kinds of poll based information, is not perfect but it offers a great deal of understanding regarding our world and economies.

Yesterday as a part of the newsletter I get from the Internet News Stats, a new site was introduced:  Worldometer.  It’s a very simple and straight forward site describing some populace information, such as births and deaths in a given day.  It also includes information on various types of media.  For instance, there are now 2.4 billion internet users in a world of just over 7 billion people.  It also goes into Health, Environment and Water resource information.

There is another site available solely based on US information as well.  Very similar, but again a big value add.  Having these statistics at the ready is really helpful, I’ve added both to my toolbar and thought you might want to do the same.