Another bachelor party for this weekend.  Going to enjoy some time on the lake with a friend from school and relax a bit before my big day next Friday.  There’s still plenty to finalize for the wedding, but overall it seems to be under control.  I’m lucky in that Teresa has handled most of the hard stuff for the event, I’ve had a few things to take care of but for the most part she’s done a great job getting everything in order.

Weddings are no small task!  We’ve had a year to prepare for it, but it has gone fast and lining up all the different aspect of an event for a few hundred people is daunting.  I’m really looking forward the date itself as well as not having to plan any more.  We will take a few days off after and then get back to work.  Our official honey moon is later in the year and we think we’ll head to Central America for a few weeks. And by then, it will be due time for some R&R.