I’ve watched Breaking Bad since the third season, while watching the back log prior. It’s a really great show. All the actors hold their parts very well. If you aren’t familiar with the plot line (all two of you out there), a high school chemistry teacher finds himself with cancer and no means for how to pay off the bills and, if he were to perish, take care of his family afterward.

In order to handle both these issues, he begins to cook meth, a very strong meth. His skill in science is actually very high and he applies it with fervor to the activity. The show then follows his exploits and how it affects his family and life. It’s a fantastic show as it really pits the watcher against the moral dilemma of the protagonist (antagonist?). The dilemma of being in a potentially mortal situation with pressure to take care of those you love where an answer poses itself in what many view as morally reprehensible behavior makes for good drama.

This is the last season, though technically there are two parts with eight episodes each. If you watch television at all, I’d highly recommend it. I don’t really care for TV overall, I watch a few shows including this one, Sons of Anarchy, the Universe and then sports. Beyond that it seems like an incredible waste of money! I’m eager for the industry to break down and offer streamed content on demand as the primary business model.  The real shame in this is that there is a great business model waiting around the corner for the content producers, many have already embraced it, but the old guard partnerships are still ruling by majority.  At some point all content produced (movies, television, music, books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) will be digitally distributed and paid for ad hoc or be free and monetized another way.  That time will be very good for the consumers; choice is a great thing.