It’s been a sweltering summer here in Minneapolis.  We’ve been routinely hitting nineties and even up to one hundred degrees lately.  Many out there may be thinking, “Um, I live in the Southern half of the US?”  That’s a pretty common reaction to people in Minnesota complaining.  The big difference in heat up here is that the humidity can be off the charts.  I’m sitting in my basement at 5:34am and still sweating.  We have a two story apartment and the basement is actually below ground, but the place doesn’t cool down at night due to the humidity and temperature.  That’s crazy to me.

Summers aren’t always like this here, but this year has had a good amount of time when the temperature just doesn’t quit.  It’s good reason to go into work!

It’s been an odd year all around for weather.  The winter was easily the mildest of my life.  Makes you wonder what’s happening globally with temperature.  I am someone who believes that temperature change is a very real thing and that the actions we take will undoubtedly have some effect on the planet.  I don’t know if this recent swing has much to do with that at all, but it’s been notable.

My wedding is next Friday, which makes the heat wave more problematic.  It’s up in Duluth, so I’m hoping that by then the heat takes a turn downward.  Just a few weeks ago I was best man in a wedding at it was mid 90’s.  We didn’t wear jackets and had our sleeves rolled up and it was still a broiler.  Still had a blast, but here’s hoping for a cold front.  :-)