What should I be using it for?  It struck me pretty odd that when my hard drive crashed I didn’t have anything really significant other than pictures.  I’d taken a few trips (Seoul, New Zealand, Mexico) over the years and it would be nice to keep those, but beyond that the only thing that legitimately concerned me was music.

That means I’m spending a lot of time consuming content and not curating it.  Of course, I’ve written 738 blog posts over the years which are hosted online.  I’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter, Reddit and streaming Starcraft II, which is like a sport to me, that I don’t practice.  I read A LOT of articles online about marketing and economics above all else.  Videogames and the like are slowly but surely losing their luster.  I’ve considered buying Diablo 3, but am not really sure if it’s worth the time I’d put into it.  I’m sure it’s fun, but just not sure.  I totally grok the drive of some people to play vids, but it’s just starting to seem like there are better things to do.

I guess I’m not sure where that leaves me in terms of a computer, or why I really needed one so badly so quickly.  It did turn out to be a lot cheaper fix than I’d previously thought at $300, so that’s why I expedited fixing it.  It would be good to get back into a writing rhythm again.  I usually try to write in the mornings before going to work, but I also like to get into work early.  With the new dog that’s been a strain.  Also, writing about mundane things such as this post aren’t really why the blog exists.  It’s supposed to focus more on Marketing and other happenings of the day.  Hopefully we’ll get back to that.

In the meantime, it’s good to have a computer back again.  Running off of a netbook isn’t much fun.  And the internet is easily my number one source of entertainment.  Television is just incredibly boring to me and while the NBA is in it’s off season, there aren’t many things I’m dying to watch other than movies or shows on astrophysics.

I’m pretty tired and need to get in some exercises before heading out.  Good to be back!