Well worth the money, of course.  I just kept putting off an external hard drive and finally, of course, it popped, leaving me without about 6 years worth of photos.  Luckily, the other aspects of this computer were pretty minimal.  Most of my music (at least all of it that I listen to with regularity) is on my iPhone and quickly restored.  The pics are gone though.  :-(

This was a simple case of user error.  Back up your data!

BTW I’ve been slow on the blog, I know.  Part of it is due to losing the computer for a week or so, but a lot more of it has to do with my work schedule and trying to handle all of the wedding activities.  It’s going to continue to be a slow front for a month or so.  The odd thing was that I’d actually been getting into a good ryhthm prior Stella making her way into the house.  Of course, she’s been a huge blessing.  I’ll give up a few blog posts for a huge amount of smiles.