The other day I was reading an article on schools and how they are attempting to find additional revenue.  They are starting to look at advertising.

For the record, it’s a sad state of affairs that schools can’t afford to keep teachers.  Of all the public works we spend on, schools should be very high on the priority list.  In many situations, I believe they are.  I’ve written about education on this blog before, it’s something important for us as a society and there are way too many bad situations in the US.

I don’t believe that schools should have to partner with for profits in order to stay open.  I believe it’s a public funding issue and something that needs to be addressed.  Many people would prefer schools to become privatized institutions and just pay for them outside of taxes.  That seems to be a mistake as it only further separates the masses of people by their ability to pay for education.  The great aspect of the US is that many people that are less privileged  have a chance to make something of themselves.  I don’t believe that it’s a level playing ground for everyone (unlike many) but public education still offers a lot of opportunity.

What’s more, advertising being allowed in schools could serve to bring multiple potential negative issues.  Schools should be isolated from commercial interests if at all possible.  This sounds a lot easier than it is, most everything in schools is affected by commercial interests to an extent, everything purchased for kids’ use is produced by someone and usually for a profit.  Yet ads offer a different type of incentive to companies.  Large companies often want to get in front of younger generations in hopes of getting consumers for the rest of their lives.  There’s a reason that Joe Camel and other cartoony characters have been so prominent over the years.  But schools should be for learning, and learning in an as objective as possible setting wherever possible.