For over a few years now, I’ve wanted a dog.  Animals of all kinds are great in my book.  As a child, we had dogs, cats (lots of them), hamsters, guinea pigs and whatever else we could find around.  A lot of it was my sister bringing them home and my parents futilely giving in and just making room at the house.  Regardless of how they got there, it was pretty normal to have pets around.

During school and after, my life was far too busy to have a dog.  I was close to getting one during business school, and in retrospect it would have been a good time to do so, but thankfully I decided against it.  They are so much work that I’m not sure it would have been a healthy situation for myself or for the dog.

Teresa and I have been excited to get a pet.  She has the summers off (teacher) and we knew now would be the time to get a puppy if we were to ever do so.  It’s still not the easiest time as the wedding planning takes a lot of time, and summer is generally robust with happenings from other weddings to concerts to weekend trips; it goes too fast every year.  Adding a puppy to that mix will make things even more hectic.

mgdAbout four months ago, I began searching the internet for different types of breeds.  We wanted a dog that wasn’t too large, fit in our apartment well (there is a 25 lb restriction on pets), didn’t shed, was comfortable around people and liked to be outside for exercise.  Eventually we found a breed, the mini golden doodle, that fit all the criteria.   As an added bonus, they are ridiculously out of this world cute animals.

Finding a good breeder was somewhat difficult.  These are excellent family pets, but they are not prevalent and the cost of one can get exceedingly high when you are shipping it from an certain area in the country.  After exhaustive searches, we found a somewhat local breeder in Rosewood Kennel.  After quite a few emails back and forth with Jana, who runs the site, we settled on signing up for a puppy from a batch born in April.

Just last night, we met Jana and picked up our new dog, Stella.  Stella is named due to where Teresa and I met, Stella’s Fish Cafe.   She is absolutely adorable.  When we first stopped at the park to pick up, we saw another puppy with a family who was ahead of us.  The dog was very energetic and playfully nipped at the leash and feet of the kids playing with it, he was obviously going to be a handful.  When they pulled Stella out of the vehicle and gave her to Teresa, she was quiet as a lamb.  She just sat in her arms and trembled a little with the fear of new people.  As we drove home, she sat quietly in Teresa’s lap and didn’t make a fuss about anything.  Once we finally had her inside last night, she was very playful and happy.  Her first night went very smoothly too, with very little whimpering or trouble.  I think we have a dog that’s going to be a really great fit for people.  Hopefully she likes exercise and being outside too, we’ll see.  I’ll get some actual pictures up here in the next few weeks/months to show what she actually looks like (not that far off from the picture here.)

Welcome home Stella.