Yesterday I was reading a slide deck on via Business Insider that pointed out some really interesting things.  A lot of the statistics are from Internet World Stats.  I was unaware of this site until yesterday, but it’s a really valuable resource.  If you like to get more information about internet usage, you might want to stop by and sign up for their newsletter.  I’m yet to get it myself but in scanning their site, I’m excited to have an automated source for this stuff.

The slide deck is by Mary Meeker, who was lauded by some and yawned at by others for this deck, but I found it to be very interesting and a clear citation of the change happening with internet technologies.

Some of the big takeaways for me:

  • Mobile is now 10% of internet traffic
  • There are currently 6.1B mobile phone subs, with a little under 1B smartphone subs, which means there is a huge area of growth for mobile
  • Mobile is far less easy to monetize due to screen size and restriction on ability to advertise or monetize behavior
  • Some areas of the world are seeing Mobile overtake desktop browsing (India cited)
  • CPMs for mobile are $0.75 compared to $3.50 for desktop browsing
  • Mobile devices rate of growth is truly incredible, iPad sales dwarfing that of iPhone and iPod in exponential fashion

Again some of these things aren’t groundbreaking, but they are pertinent.  Where does this leave us?  There is still a tremendous upside in mobile and we are currently just seeing the tip of the iceberg.  Some people believe that mobile is the future of the internet, and that’s tough to disagree with at this point.  I personally believe we’ll always have desktop computing in some form or fashion due to the way we work.  I also believe we will integrate the internet more commonly into every aspect of our lives (scary for some) and that personal computing and work computing will both proliferate.

For entrepreneurs out there, this is a huge bastion of opportunity.  Of course, having skill sets that allow you to develop for the space is the difficult part.  People such as myself with no coding skills and a miniature understanding of the development of mobile are SOL.  Them’s the brakes.  So quick business idea for a smart kid out there, specialize in creating dynamic websites that display mobile.  You’ll need to be able to design the sites in a way that accomplishes the objectives of the end user and still brands the company well for the purchasers.  This space is gargantuan.  Yes, there are already MANY people doing this, but as someone who works in a large corporation, most large companies really haven’t yet caught the boat.

Very large percentages of big companies still really don’t grok where digital lands in their “marketing mix.”  Of course most will ultimately fall into the camp that everyone else does.  A few will innovate with it as a tool they can use creatively to offer customers value, but most will use it as a place people can find information.  The opportunity in this space is going to keep growing, quietly.  Great place to be.