Yesterday while searching for some of my old Facebook posts where I was considering leaving the site and eventually did, it became apparent that each of my old posts has had an advertising area added to it!

I previously never used ads, and still don’t here, due to the fact that this site isn’t for making money and that it’s really not something I want to write for.  When you write to get more eyeballs and therefore more ad revenues, you are going to change.  You’ll write to optimize that, even if only subconsciously.  I haven’t really checked the site stats on this for over a year, maybe more.  It doesn’t really matter to me now.  At first I wanted to know if people were coming by, but now it’s pretty obvious there are the regulars who read here and then a long tail on niche subjects.

Writing for revenue is fine, in fact it’s a good thing that we have that category, but that’s not part of this site.  So it was a little depressing that the old site is up with that content.  Although in all truth I’m not sure why that old site would come up in search terms instead of the today, it has all of the old content archived.  Waaaaaaay back from 2009.  Ahh, the good old days.

I do wonder if any publicly hosted blog such as my older one is automatically retrofitted with ads ad a price of hosting.  That would subsidize the costs for WordPress.  Still, I’d rather have that site just taken down now, maybe it’s something to look into.