I watched the first three quarters of the Boston/Heat series and have to say that it seems Boston’s time has finally come.  My favorite player, Kevin Garnett is still playing very well on both ends of the floor, but the other two members of their aging triumvirate are not really doing a lot.  Additionally, the athleticism of Lebron and Wade is really causing issues.

There is still a lot of ball to be played and it’s not set in stone, but the signs are there.  What’s more, even if Boston could muster it’s way past the Heat and their thin bench, I don’t know that they’d have the type of players needed to beat San Antonio or OKC.  It’s probably time for Danny Ainge to try to break it up and rebuild.  It seems a bit odd to try to rebuild when you are in the Eastern Conference Finals, but them’s the brakes.

Regardless of what happens, I’m very glad that the Celtics team did win a championship.  The truth is that they could have won two or three with Garnett getting hurt the year they lost to Chicago and then losing the game 7 in the Finals against L.A.  I was always a bit worried that KG would end up on the Barkley/Malone list of greatest ever to never win a championship.  It didn’t happen and that’s a very good thing.

Full disclosure, I’m a Timberwolves fan first and KG fan second.