I always think it’s fascinating to look at the budget and where we spend. Here’s a quick graph that summarizes it from Off the Charts Blog:


That’s a pretty simple graph.  It shows that most of our tax dollars are wrapped up in Defense, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Safety Net programs.

As readers of this blog may know, the other stuff category holds what I think need more of a share.  Education and Transporation infrastructure are where I’d like to spend more dollars, with some reductions in the other areas.  I don’t have a plan, but I believe that education is critical in the long term and that transportation infrastructure is a very good investment in the economy.

I understand why people get worked up about a lot of these things, they are polarizing issues and many believe we need to cut spending in general.  Fiscal conservatism and social programs are not mutually exclusive ideals.  Operating at a budget surplus should be our objective, while still offering society the main tenets it needs to provide a good infrastructure and governance where people are safe, secure and free to pursue happiness.