I have a few aspirations this next year. The first is my weight, I’d like to get back to a 165 lb. or so. Less than that is fine, but I think that would be where I should be. Health is a really large aspect of life and it’s time to set my life straight in that regard. The bottom line is that in grad school, you are so damn busy that working out and eating right are actually very inconvenient. Then you go to work and for my line that’s a lot of sitting. So that’s aspiration/resolution numero uno.

El segundo es Espanol. This is a slow and steady thing, but I need to watch more Spanish television and practice more.

But honestly, those are the boring things.  They’ve already been decided on.  When you think about the time we live in and what we are capable of learning and doing, it makes me a little sad that we aren’t taking advantage.  I spent $90k on going to business school, a worthy investment for the professional connotation associated with that paper, but I COULD have learned it all outside of the institution.  We live in an era where you can learn and do almost anything you choose to!  That’s impeccable.

My mother asked me if I was happy to have accomplished so many of my goals the other day. The question seemed very odd to me as I don’t feel that I’ve accomplished all that much yet. I mean, certainly, I’ve done the things I’ve set out toward. College, Graduate school, marketing management, etc. There are many things I’d like to accomplish in the field, but that’s just one aspect of my life. I ain’t dead yet!

The idea that you get out of school and just kind of hover in the same space and get “good” at that thing repulses me. Aren’t we capable of going after bigger things? Aren’t we only constrained by one true resource, time? Why in the world would I ever stop learning and pushing at new areas? Of course, I won’t, and neither should you. If you’re lucky enough to be in a position where you can choose what you do, shoot for the stars.


But that leads me to the next question, what SHOULD I be working on right now? Where should my focus be going? I really like to build skill sets that last, much like building things that last in the business world, spend resources on things that improve the product visibly and over the long haul. My health and learning another language definitely fit in those categories, but that’s not enough!

There is such a huge proliferation of choice today on what to learn. I love technology, so maybe it’s time I learned to code, or about user experience, or something else?  I don’t know yet.  I can also state with certainty that you can’t take on too many things and expect to do them well.  I made that mistake in former years and you end up dropping all the plates.  You have to pick two or three BIG things and do them really well.  This year I have two of those things picked out, but I’m starting to think I may need something else.  I am planning out a wedding and thinking of getting a dog too, so maybe 2012 will be filled up with all that, but maybe not.  I’ll keep my eyes open on this and update again later if a project presents itself.