I’m getting up at 5:15am.

I’m counting calories on my phone.

I spend more time reading than watching television, by a long shot.

I am working 10-12 hours every day.

I’m engaged.

I occasionally worry about saying things that will be offensive to people.   Completely not like me as a younger man.

I still play video games (ok I’ve got that going for me).

I still buy a SHIT TON of music, like four CDs a month, which seems like a lot to me (again youth like).

I’m really eager to save up and buy a house.

I’m still in school (sort of, at least, with Spanish lessons).

I have to watch my diet and exercise in a cognizant manner, lest I turn into a muddling mass of goo.

I watch politics and news to understand the overall affect on our economy and long term growth.  Usually from an elliptical.  Yeah.


Life is going much faster than it used to…pretty sure these whippersnappers are going to have it up on me before I know it.  HAVE TO GET SMARTER, FASTER, STRONGER, but how?