I’m coming back to this question because it keeps revealing itself to me. My mortality is all too obvious today it seems.

Previous life reflections have almost always been centered on the idea of what I should be doing and if my path is going where I’d like to be. Those thought processes and ideas have largely vanished at the moment, thought they will inevitably return in time.tesla

It seems that most things are falling into place, but I am worried about becoming mundane, ordinary and unchanged. You are always learning new things, but how much are you learning? The idea of learning at an increased or decreased rate is currently occupying my mind. How can I stay sharp when technology is growing so quickly and new skill sets are proliferating? What skills are important to get your toe into the water with and which aren’t? What do you need to know and what should you want to know?

The speed of new technology and ideas is only going to increase. As an adult with a full time job and increasing responsibilities in other facets of life, it has dawned on my that I’m at a real risk of becoming fat, dumb and happy. I’ll take the happy part, but the others aren’t for me.

I was speaking with a former coworker today, who seems to have many similarities to my own outlook. He really enjoys learning new things and is somewhat of a dork when it comes to his vocation. I admire his drive to learn new things and think he will due to that drive. So I’m wondering how to keep fresh and stay smart…and how others go about it. I’m wondering how people with very full lives manage to keep learning new things and pushing themselves to excel and not “give up” on learning. Old dogs don’t hunt for long, after all. Staying sharp and continuing to learn is a big priority for me, but how?

Time management has to be critical. It may be time to learn about “hacking life” in more beneficial ways. More to come on this topic.