Today, a head hunter called me at work. This happens every few months. I was a bit taken aback today though. Someone left me a message with their name and I could not figure out who it was, but thought it might be important, so I called back. It was just a someone fishing for potential interviewers, but I asked how he got the number (it was my work phone) and he said he just called the front desk. Smart, but is that ethical? I suppose? I don’t know. But it was interesting.

This is not the first or last time I’ll have headhunters at my door, but I’ve always wondered about the vocation. It’s a pretty common need now. Business has become so competitive that finding good talent has turned into a very lucrative business in itself.

I have some friends working in the space now, I think I’ll ask some questions. What is the etiquette for trying to take someone from a company and put them in another? How do you contact them? How can you get their information and what is seen as white hat or black hat? All good questions.