Despite technology allowing for easier and easier transmission of information, it seems tougher and tougher to stay up on things.

By things, I mean a lot of the things I used to spend so much time following closely.  Technology, social networking, mobile marketing, sports, indie music, local artistry and many other things used to take up a lot more of my time.  But today, I spend a lot less following those scenes.

Granted I don’t have television here at the new place and it’s summer so much of my time is spent maxing/relaxing with friends and trying my best to get outside, but I can’t help but think about life before business school and how much time I seemed to have.

So for the last few months I’d been thinking about what happened.  At first I thought it was a work transition thing, but lately I’ve come to the realization it’s something else entirely.  It’s the choice to stop following all of those things.  It didn’t happen in an instant, but over the course of time.  I unsubscribed from a lot of RSS feeds, stopped going to the same websites like Facebook and didn’t really tune in to anything on TV.  Instead I’ve been learning about corporate sustainability and organizational structure, as well as picking up Spanish again.  Not to mention TRYING to read a few books in the mean time (I’m on Jane Eyre right now.)

Keeping up on things now has become an idea that if it’s important enough, it will find me.  That’s a powerful idea and one that many people use more and more.