I’m not sure that’s the right way to say it, but I’m learning Spanish again.  It’s a blast!  Learning is actually something that drives me.  For whatever reason, I get really amped up about learning new things that are of significant value.  That’s why I spent so much time with Economics the last few months.  That’s why I’m learning Spanish now.  Some of it is a career thing, if you hadn’t seen, the demographic reports from the US Census have shown extremely heavy growth in hispanic individuals in the US, and it will only continue.

So marketing to hispanics people is and will be more and more important.  There are many other trends happening right now that I think deserve a lot of attention.  Hyperlocal search and mobile marketing (close to one another for sure) are both extremely riveting topics.  Consumer centric companies should be spending a great deal of time with these topics as in twenty years they may well be the number one thing we spend our budgets on.  Of course there are still other things like the Groupon sites and whatnot, but to me they are simply the new iterations of thing done before.  Catalogs, specialty retailers and websites etc.

There are other good reasons to learn another language.  For one, Americans tend to not learn new languages and there’s no reason for it.  Globally, we are not revered for this, to say the least.  Intellectually challenging yourself also provides dividends.  Then, of course, there’s the ability to speak another language!  I love to travel and being able to speak with the native people is a huge asset, especially with something as far reaching as Spanish.

It’s a slow road though.  I’m taking two different classes.  One affiliated with work and another outside of work.  The one outside of work is more expensive, but I learn a lot more and it’s really driving the gains.  Still, it will take some time to actually feel comfortable speaking in depth with anyone.  I’d imagine it will take years to become somewhat fluent, but that will come with practice and attention.

Gracias para leen me mal espanol ye te veo cuando lo escribo una nuestra.