Time is going faster than it used to.  Not literally, but in a sense, it really is.  What is time but a conception of your mind and if it seems to be going faster, isn’t perception reality?  Quantum physicists would probably refute me and by all means be correct, but what are quantum physicists, really?  :)

It seems like I have less and less time to write or read.  In all truth it isn’t real.  But I spend a lot of time working and a lot of time trying to get in shape and a lot of time trying to maintain friendships and a lot of time with the girl I love and a lot of time enjoying myself in other ways too.  I remember being in school and having so little time to do anything beyond study, work, eat, sleep and repeat.  I couldn’t WAIT to get to a normal working life again.  Well, working life really is pretty nice.  I work at a very good company with some really smart cats that teach me every day, a nicety to say the least.  But the other end of the equation based on personal time doesn’t seem to live up to my prior visions.  It is a great time in life, but there is much less free time than expected.

I’m not complaining.  Honest.  The writing has lost some edge though.  It’s a blessing to have all the people and things in my life.  But I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to think and put it down on paper like in the past; at least not until I’m an old man and have retired from all these things.  And that’s a long time coming.  But perhaps it is just the river of life in ebb and flow.  Perhaps the water will stream forward without restraint once more.   Part of me worries that after the journey is taken very few of the things that should have been recorded will have taken place.  Only time can tell, but for that reason alone I think this space serves a greater good.  Some day I’ll look back and smile at these sentences and thoughts.