harrietYesterday I FINALLY got out to test my new snowshoes.  They are rad!  Super nice fit, easy to use and they work really well.  The powder around MN has been abundant this winter and especially as of late.  It felt really good to get outside; I’ve had some serious winter boredom setting in lately.  I also bought a nice new pair of Timberland hiking boots, they were really nice too.  I wanted a pair that I could use for summer hiking but still have for winter; all signs point to them being really well crafted and a good fit.

I had no idea how good of a workout snowshoeing is!  My heart was racing hard throughout the trek.  It must be walking through the snow so much and the extra weight associated with it, but as far as cardio goes, it was incredible.  I’m going to try and get out once a weekend or so for an hour long trek, probably go to Lebanon Hills next.