I’m just watching the end of the Bush interview with Matt Lauer.

For a very long time, I’ve been a critic of Bush and I still think he will go down as one of the lesser Presidents in the history of the US. I don’t think he is particularly evil or had poor intentions. He just didn’t seem to have the type of leadership skill and diligence that seem necessary for the position. In my younger years it was easy to cite Bush as the sole source of US woes and our downfall from the high times of previous presidencies. Of course, that was a callow youth assuming obvious correlations in seemingly simple equations. The truth is that the variables were far greater in number than I could know.

Bush is a warm person. It’s hard to really dislike him at a skin deep level because he is a kind individual who speaks colloquially and smiles in your eye. My prediction is that he will actually have a much higher “approval” rating over the long term than he did when leaving office. Partly because time heals all wounds and partly because of his persona. That doesn’t mean he will be remembered as a good president, or even an average one. But he will be remembered more fondly as the lovable oaf who couldn’t quite get it right than someone who made poor decisions. The economy will rebound (it’s already doing so, if you haven’t noticed…though it will take years before unemployment really recedes) and this era will be looked upon in a more positive light.

Seeing this interview was good for a lot of reasons. I think it’s time that he spoke out, even if it is promoting a book (hey, I’m not going to begrudge politicians the right to make a living beyond the $250k per year they are allotted, this IS America, right?)

The funny thing about politics, at least historically, is that the “ability” of a candidate and how they are remembered is controlled on many levels by variables they simply don’t have much control over. Sometimes, things just go your way. Economic reasons for growth aren’t always the derivative of policy. They look like it though! Luck of the draw, I guess.