I had a solid spike in traffic yesterday. A whopping 69 hits! For those of you who don’t do much analytical work in the web space (count me as a hobbyist) that’s not much. In fact, it’s pretty minuscule in comparison to some blogs out there. And that’s part of the gravy train.

But it is a jump none the less. So investigate, I did. (BTW I can’t tell you how frustrating it is not to illustrate some of my writing with a Yoda pic here and a company logo there…but WordPress is jobbing on me with the new picture formatting. That’s why pics on this blog are at the end of posts now. So lame. Digression…)

My first inclination was that writing on the iPhone (or ipwn, henceforth) gave me a quick spike in organic traffic. Well, after looking into the analytics a bit, there really isn’t anything that jumps out on that post.

I did get some extra traffic from people searching “Why…So…SERIOUS?!” for Batman. Teh good. But even more so is the long term Zappos search. For whatever reason, that little, itty bitty post on Zappos I did months ago has garnered the most views of any post and it’s not even close; we’re talking about 5:1 in terms of a ratio. That’s no anomaly. And it’s not because there are so many Zappos aficionados.

It stems from the NY Times/Boston Globe links that came in right after writing it. There are just as many people doing searches on the iPhone, Batman, etc. right now, but I don’t get traffic from them because Google’s spiders don’t give me much credit on those things. The major linkage from those bigger sites gives it to me on Zappos though. This is why sites like TechCrunch, GigaOM and others gain so much momentum, they are reliable sources of information and aggregate A LOT of traffic from being linked to so often.

This is very small but significant point. And one that most people (including me) involving themselves with the web already knew, but it’s the first time I’m really seeing actual results of it, and thought it worth mentioning.