This has been the year of Arcade Fire for me thus far.  Although I’ve had an album of theirs for sometime, it was early this year that they became a mainstay in my playlist…and for good reason.  They are very much one of the better bands playing today.  Their new album came out a few weeks ago or so and it is the best release of the year thus far.  There are a few other albums that have caught my ear this year, but nothing has gotten the rotations.

Yet another reason to be excited, they are coming to play in St. Paul next month!  I haven’t been to a show since Rock the Garden (shame on me) and this will undoubtedly be one of the better I’ve ever seen.  Apparently they are something to behold in person as they are a large group and offer much goings on throughout.

I’ll be sure to review it after, but until then, you might consider picking up the new album if you’re into anything Indy and/or good.