I am a fan of Lebron James in the same way I’m a fan of Kevin Durant (though I favor the latter for his humility) and Chris Paul and Steve Nash and multiple other basketball players. I did not really care for the way this whole scenario was handled; it seems obvious Lebron has publicists talking nonsense to him most of the time about being a global icon and milking his popularity into another level of omnipresence in the public mind.

It’s almost a shame to write about this topic, but it warrants mention.

Lebron has not done anything that egregious as to be HATED by people. In 98′ when my favorite player was contemplating leaving my favorite team (KG/Wolves) for Chicago, I was very worried. Minnesota is not a destination for free agents, similar to Cleveland. But if he did leave, I wouldn’t have hated him for it. I would have still cheered for him. And although this situation in Cleveland is worse for the way it was built up and the fact that Lebron is potentially a “best ever” player whereas KG was under a ceiling of top 5-10 (which he is close to, btw), this reaction from people is outlandish. He is a basketball player who wants to win, he is going to a team where he will have a chance to win next year and many, many years after that.

Cleveland, I’m sorry, but live and let live.