I was reading this post on personal branding (via Scripting) and read a comment on the bottom saying:

“I had my 15 minutes of internet fame once, and was invited to speak at various conferences. I turned them down out of fear of becoming one of the self-promoting, personal branding #doucherati.”

Laughed at that, think I’ll be using the term from now on to describe some people.  I know exactly what that person means by doucherati; it’s referring to the sanctimonious assholes that think they are gods gift to marketing/social MEdia/whatever else online.  They do nothing but suck.  Suck time, suck conversations, etc.

The idea of personal branding is not new and it is NOT a bad thing.  It’s the people that don’t understand basic principles of social interaction and marketing products or services in the correct way that turn it on it’s head.  The fastest way to describe good personal branding:  It’s not about you, it’s about what you have to offer.  And people confident in their own ability don’t have to shout it from the mountain tops, they can just look you in the eye and calmly explain their ability.

Way too many people today are just looking at the internet and self publishing like another nail for the same tired old hammer.  The doucherati are always talking about themselves or promoting their services, they have skill sets a mile wide and an inch deep, they tend to think louder and louder is better.  Of course, today it’s all about whispering.

Now, peddle your nonexistent wares somewhere else doucherati.