It is remarkable how few companies really get it and have people that get it too.  But I just had a great experience because of one person and it will likely keep me as a customer for a long time.

My internet connection at home is decent, but kind of poor.  As stated previously, the Starcraft 2 Beta is out and I’ve been playing a bit off and on.  The problem is that in RTS games online, lag causes the game to essentially shut down.  You get about a minute before you’re booted from that game and it has happened a lot.  I like Starcraft 2.  I honestly don’t play many videogames any more but something there is nostalgic and fun about it and it will be my dork escape.

So when my connection lags, it’s a sign that I need a different service provider.  I called in to switch my account, which is built for 6MBps charged annually.  I told them the issue and that for now my billing should be charged monthly.  There was no resentment or hostility for the situation, it was just something that needed change.

logo-usi-wirelessThe representative looked at my account and said, paraphrased, “You’re right.  You are paying for a service and not getting the connection speed that you were promised and that means we are shortchanging you.  I’m in charge of sales here and I can tell you that as a company we don’t accept this kind of service.   I’m going to alter your account to monthly and give you the first month free.  We are aware there are issues in your neighborhood and a new hub is actually being built.  I actually live close to you and know the issue to, I deal with it myself.  The hub will be up in two weeks.  Wait a few weeks and see if the speed improves.  Thanks for calling in and our apologies for the issue.

Funny thing is, I was already gone.  I wasn’t coming back.  But the representative (named Sam) at USI Wireless changed my whole mind in a few minutes.  I didn’t know there was an issue with the network, just figured I needed a direct connection in order to play the game.  Now?  I’m waiting a few weeks and if it DOES improve, I’m signing up for the annual contract again.

Humans are incredibly fickle.  We WILL change our minds over and over again.  Companies need to do everything they can to encourage them to stay because a lot of times it will work.  It’s the companies that slowly create an ignorance and disregard of their customer that will lose out in the long run.  And there are way too many of them.