pollockCertain competencies and abilities are very visible.  Being able to dunk a basketball is quite demonstrable.  So is solving an advanced math problem or playing a Bach concierto.  They are rulers.  If you can you can, if you can’t you can’t.

There are other skills that are not so easily seen.  These skills are not distinguishable to the naked eye.  If you ask a designer to show you why she is a good designer, she can give you a portfolio, but this isn’t truly representative of her skill.   Her skill is tied up in her brain; there are no easy ways to show how GOOD of a designer she is.  The same goes for writers, poets and musicians.

Wait?!  You just said that playing a Bach concierto was demonstrable?

Yes.  That is demonstrative of technical capability to play the piano.  It is not demonstrative of creating music.    That’s what made Bach a virtuoso, his invisible talent for creating music.  The personality it took to build that skill level is hidden from us though.  There are so many of these talents.  Many of them are tied up in art.  Yet the same reason that Pollock astounding is the same reason that someone can be a great leader.   They have hidden skills and potential that are naked to human eye.  Concepts like integrity and drive are relevant hidden skills.

These unseen traits are the biggest assets we have; we have to embrace and believe in them to thrive.