Writing more about music was a goal of mine for the year.  I’ve bought eleven albums so far this year and although nothing has been truly groundbreaking (something I’d listen to for a month straight) there have been some standouts.

As an aside, I’m tracking all my album purchases this year along with how many times they are listened to (on a computer or iPod like device) in order to better understand habits and standout music for albums.  Why do I do this?  Well, music is borderline obsessive for me and it’s fun to look back at what happened throughout a year.  I’ll continually link to the list as it grows; if there’s an album that you’re curious about, just drop me a line and I’ll either review it on Redmarketer or send you an email with some description.

beach-house-teen-dreamAnyway, a standout has been Beach House‘s Teen Dream.  It sounds kind of spacey and tripped out, but it’s great music to chill to.  It’s also only $8 and comes with a DVD that has professional videos for each song.  Truth be told, I haven’t watched it yet but that’s a steal.  The first track is the best on the album and it had me entranced for a week or so.

It seems like a lot of the bands that make splashes today have some sort of electronic/obscure feel to them.  MGMT, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and Yeasayer have all made waves.  The only one of those that kept my attention was MGMT, who have a new album coming out, with a nice cover.  These are different types of music than what I grew up with and it’s interesting that so much of pop culture has ran with it.  It’ll be interesting to see if the trend continues.  I can say I saw Yeasayer live and they were lethal, I think this type of music may be a better feel live, but that’s just my opinion.